Pawprints to Freedom Ltd work tirelessly with rescuers to ensure the following vaccinations and tests are completed before any of our dog’s travel.


All dogs are vaccinated against the following prior to travel.

  • Rabies & Lepto (& rabies booster) – Usually vaccinated together with the code ‘RL’ Lepto. Rabies is a fatal viral disease that affects the dogs’ brain and central nervous system. Note: Dogs need to wait for a 21-day legal period after rabies vaccination before travelling to the UK.
  • Leptospirosis – This is a bacterial infection that enters through a dogs’ skin. It mainly occurs in subtropical, tropical, and wet environments. Leptospira spirochetes are most common in marshy/muddy areas which have stagnant surface water.
  • DHPPI (& booster) – This covers: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Para-influenza virus. DHPPI – Booster.
  • Canine Distemper – a viral disease which attacks the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts, the spinal cord and brain.
  • Hepatitis – this is an acute liver infection which can affect both the liver and kidneys. It can cause fever, depression, loss of appetite, coughing, and a tender abdomen.
  • Parvovirus – a virus that attacks the intestines. It causes severe diarrhoea and vomiting and is fatal if left untreated.
  • Parainfluenza – a respiratory virus and one of the many viruses that can cause kennel cough in dogs. It is highly contagious and causes similar symptoms to a human cold/flu.

In addition to the vaccinations above, all dogs are treated for both fleas and worms before they travel.

PLEASE NOTE: the flea and worm treatment used in Romania has no contraindications with UK brands, therefore, you can treat your dog for fleas and worms as soon as desired after arrival.

Tests Before Travel

For dogs over the age of one year, we use the 4DX snap test to test for;

  • Heartworm – A parasitic roundworm passed on to dogs from mosquito bites.
  • Lyme disease – A tick-transmitted disease which causes inflammation and malaise.
  • Ehrlichia – Another tick-transmitted infectious disease.
  • Anaplasma – Also known as ‘Dog Fever’, is a tick-transmitted disease that affects the dog’s bloodstream.

All dogs are tested for;

  • Canine Distemper – a very contagious virus that is potentially fatal, if untreated, it can invade the nervous system as well as other parts of the body. It is closely related to the measles virus in humans.
  • Babesia – A tick-borne parasitic infection that causes anaemia.
  • Leishmania – A disease transmitted by the bite of sandflies causing skin ulcers.
  • Canine brucellosis – a contagious bacterial infection caused by the bacterium, Brucella canis (B. canis)
    • please note that brucellosis is a condition that can lay dormant in dogs, so a negative test result does not guarantee that the condition will not surface later in life.

Puppies (less than 1 year) are also tested for;

  • Giardia – this is a tiny parasite that attacks the lining of the intestines, can cause bad diarrhoea and is also infectious to humans.

All of the tests above are carried out following reservation and prior to our dog’s travelling, this enables maximum accuracy of results.

Health Records

All test results and vaccination records will either be in your dog’s passport or sometimes in a health book, which accompanies the passport. If you don’t receive a health book, don’t worry, it just means the records are in the passport. When you register your dog with your vet, please take these documents with you so they can keep a record of the vaccinations your dog has had and when they are next due.

Legally, dogs only require the rabies vaccination and worming treatment in order to enter the UK. There are no tests legally required.

Pawprints to Freedom Ltd pride ourselves in going over and above on these requirements to ensure your dog arrives, and stays, fit and healthy.

We are always happy to arrange, if possible, further tests or treatments to be carried out at your request. If you would like to discuss further tests, vaccinations or treatments, please reach out to your admin.

Kennel Cough

We do not vaccinate against Kennel Cough, this is because, similar to the ‘flu jab’ there are many variations of Kennel Cough and vaccinations in one area may not be effective in another or against other strains. We are happy to arrange this pre-travel if an adopter would like us too, however, this would be an additional expense over and above the adoption fee..