Age:7 years old
Location:Merseyside, UK

Meet Mamaia



Mamaia is currently in temporary foster but she now needs to find a new home. She does have a bite history and therefore needs an experienced adult only household.

Her foster says she has grown in confidence and is a very loving dog that and comes over for attention, affection and kisses. However, she will need time to decompress, settle and adjust to any new family before they may see this side to her character.

She likes things very much on her terms and doesn’t like to be pushed or rushed to do things she doesn’t like. She can be uncertain about fuss and can sometimes snap with fear when being stroked. Time and patience is needed to gain her trust, her current foster says Mamaia now loves a stroke and will lick your arm in return.

Mamaia needs a confident and experienced handler that will work with her on certain behaviours she has.

Mamaia is good with other dogs and therefore can be homed with or without them. However, we do advise slow and sensible introductions with resident pets in the household.

Fostering a rescue dog isn’t something to take on lightly; they need full commitment and a lot of work and patience to allow them to blossom.

She is good on the lead and gets excited when her harness comes out and sits whilst the leads are attached. She loves her walks as long as the weather is fine. She’s a fair weather dog that is not so keen on rain or puddles.

She’s a good girl that doesn’t jump up at people or bark at them. 🐾

She can become overexcited and can become mouthy/nippy when playing.

She is fully toilet trained. However, she may take time to settle in her new home initially.

She has not been cat tested.

Mamaia has not been spayed.

On arrival to the UK she was unable to put weight on her leg but has since been diagnosed with arthritis and takes pain medication for this and is now able to walk on it without any problems. She recently had an ear infection which has cleared up, to begin with a muzzle was required but she has since learnt that her fosters were helping her and no longer needed the muzzle.

Have you got room in your home and your heart for this lovely girl? Id so we would love to hear from you. ❤️

Mamaia cannot be rehomed with kids of any age.

We always advise sensible and supervised introductions with other pets 🐈

*Admin to contact HBTL*

⭐️ All applicants must pass a home check ⭐️

If you’d like to help me, please make a note of my code, shown below my photo and send an email to with a short note about you, your family and why you think you’d be a good match – if you are approved, you will be sent a link to apply and we will book in your homecheck.
We would prefer applicants within a 2 hour journey, although we may be able to consider applicants up to 3 hours away.

✅ Vaccinated (read more about vaccinations here)

✅ Microchipped


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