Age:20 months old

Meet Joshi, a wonderful dog who is very affectionate, loving and loves kisses. Joshi enjoys interacting with people and loves playing with his soft toys, however he chews heavily so soft toys last about 5 minutes before all the stuffing is everywhere!! Joshi plays nicely but can sometimes mouth when playing. Joshi is behaved on walks and in shops and is a very loyal dog and believes he has to protect those he loves. Joshi is very affectionate to those he trusts. Joshi ignores strangers out of the house, however can be very wary of visitors to the home and can bark at them. Joshi does settle down, however if they move suddenly it can startle him and cause him to bark again. Due to unpredictable behaviours, Joshi would prefer an adult only home. Joshi likes other dogs. Joshi could possibly live with another dog with careful and gradual introductions. Joshi currently lives with cats and is good with them. Joshi loves playing with the kitten and they will sometimes sleep together on the end of the bed or in the dog bed. Joshi could possibly live with another cat with careful and gradual introductions with the ability to safely separate if required. Joshi currently wears a collar, halti and lead with no issues. Joshi enjoys his walks and is well behaved, however can pull if not on halti. Joshi has no recall off lead. Fostering a rescue dog is not something to take on lightly, they need full commitment and a lot of work and patience to allow them to blossom. There may be many challenges to overcome so please ensure full commitment before applying.Joshi does not use a crate, therefore sleeps on his dog bed/blanket. Joshi sleeps well overnight with no issues. Joshi is fully toilet trained. Joshi can be left for long periods with no issues. Joshi can sometimes be destructive to soft toys and cushions, however is generally fine. Please understand this could change in a new environment.Joshi will go in the car but can experience travel sickness. His current home may be able to assist with transport depending on distance. We always advise sensible and slow introductions to family members and other pets.

If you think you can offer me a home, please complete an application form using the ‘Apply for me’ link at the top of this post. Please also email your interest to

We would prefer applicants within a 2 hour journey, although we may be able to consider applicants up to 3 hours away

⭐️ All applicants must pass a home check ⭐️

✅ Neutered

✅ Vaccinated (read more about vaccinations here)

✅ Microchipped

Lifetime rescue backup provided.


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