We love what we do but…

Our real dream would be that we didn’t have to do it anymore. We don’t want to be a rescue forever, we would love to close our doors because there was no need for us. Whilst it is unlikely we will ever live in a world without rescues, we must do our bit to try and reduce and control the problem.

We do really believe in tackling the problem at the source. The stray problem in Romania is just terrible and it simply won’t get better until people stand together to make a change.

We have decided to really focus on spay and neutering campaigns this year, we want to stop innocent lives being brought into the most horrific conditions and environments.

Every few months or as often as we can afford we want to do a spayathon, choosing the most populated areas and focusing on the dogs that are not so easy to catch. These dogs are left alone because they are not approachable but this means they’re living independently producing hundreds of puppies every year. Whilst some of these puppies are caught and rehomed, far too many die due to the harsh conditions or in traffic accidents.


A female dog can produce 14-24 puppies per year, each then being old enough to produce their own puppies within a year. A spay in Romania is approximately €20.

Together we can make a huge difference.

We will be running our first three-day spayathon in July in an area called Piatra Neamt. Our next one we will near the port, where hundreds of puppies are currently running around.

We will be running a number of events this year and fundraisers as we know the only way to tackle the problem and make is change is to give it continued effort over a prolonged period of time. We will keep you all updated throughout our campaigns of course.

We now have Spayathon t-shirts available in our online store. The proceeds of every t-shirt sold goes straight to support our Spayathon campaign. You can even choose how much you wish to pay for one (minimum £10). Use the link below to purchase a t-shirt and help make our dream a reality.

In addition, the proceeds from our 2021 calendars featuring some of our amazing rescuers and our milestone cards designed specifically for rescue dogs all go straight towards our Spayathon campaign.

To donate to our spay campaign directly, please use the button below.