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We picked up our scared little Snowy from her foster in June 2020. She’d been in the UK since the beginning of May and we were to be her third foster in that time.

Snowy was scared of being on a lead and petrified of having a collar or harness put on her. She would just get submissive and make herself as heavy as possible.

We also realised that she was super scared of people standing up around her.

So the first week was getting her used to us by laying on the floor then gradually getting to the point where she was comfortable with us standing up near her.

It took us 4 weeks with clicker training to get her to comfortably have a harness and collar put on her, and 6 weeks to get her on her first walk.

Nearly 10 months on we have had so many amazing adventures with her.

We can let her off the lead and she loves to run about.

She loves routine and moans at us when we don’t give her her dinner on time, and she loves to nap!

She’s best friends with our cat and loves to play.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster, we’ve laughed and cried, but we wouldn’t change her journey for the world.

There are still a few issues that we are working on due to the restrictions of covid such as her nervousness of having people in the house, but we are so proud of the amazing progress that she’s made so far, a completely different dog to the scared little doggo we picked up


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