This is the story of a lady called Kerry and her Sky…

The first steps

I made a choice to adopt a beautiful dog from PPTF and I’m so glad I did and I’d like to share our journey with others.

Sky in Romania

On the 12th of Feb 2019 around mid-afternoon my world changed!

Sky was finally here in his new home! I had eagerly been awaiting his arrival and thanks to the chats PPTF had set up I was able to keep in touch with the lady who was getting her precious Amber just before me! Turns out she met Sky before me as he was brought out to her instead of Amber initially. Can’t say I’d complain about meeting other dogs! What a fantastic mix up that was swiftly dealt with and as an added bonus created a friendship.

When Sky first arrived he was super nervous, so much so, that he burrowed himself in the corner of the sofa for an hour. The TV got his interest after a while which prompted him to start cautiously looking around.

Finding a safe space

Originally I had a crate all set up and ready in the kitchen for Sky as I knew he’d be tired and nervous upon his arrival, it took some encouraging in the first instance but he soon seemed to grasp that it was a safe place and would retreat to it whenever needed. Sky was definitely curious though and kept poking his head through to the lounge where I was and running back. This went on for a while over the afternoon and into the evening.

It was very clear that Sky was a very nervous dog, he was startled by even the most subtle sudden movements and he would run back to his crate. As the hours passed I felt we started to learn a little more about each other and I felt comfortable that I was moving at his pace on his terms. I knew it was going to take a little time and patience but that was fine, this was a learning curve for both of us, and my resident dog too!

Discovering the joy of belly rubs!

At bedtime I had a bed set up for Sky and allowed him to choose where he would sleep, he slept the whole night through without a peep and I can’t blame him; what a journey and he was so exhausted! The next morning we managed to get him into the garden and even got a collar on him. It was still baby steps though and Sky was not confident enough to move very far from the door and as soon as it was open again he couldn’t get back inside quickly enough!

The second day was a repeat of the first, with Sky making slow but steady progress and again, Sky slept without a peep. On the third day his batteries seemed to be recharged and he started to really come out of his shell. It was wonderful to see him playing for the first time and he was accepting treats from my hand, he was learning to trust.

Sky did LOTS of sleeping!

Making progress

My heart was so full of pride and I felt that it was probably time to try walking Sky, I used the double lead method to make sure he was safe and I am so pleased we did because over the next few days we went through 4 leads. Sky would see them in the corner of his eye and chew through in no time. So we just worked on slow and short walks and Sky continued to grow in confidence and seemed to settle into the idea of walking. Having our resident dog Rio by his side seemed to help too.

Sky (right) and (little) big brother Rio (left)

After a week or so we decided we took Sky to the vets to get him registered and checked over, also to make any future necessary trips less stressful for him. Sky was given the all-clear with the exception of a minor skin condition probably caused by the change from cold humid air to the warmth of a home, he was given antihistamines which soon cleared things up for him.

Friends for life

If you remember at the beginning of this story I told you about Amber also? Well, a few days later we arranged to go over so they could have a doggy play date! Sky hated the car journey and I can’t blame him poor soul, so mum sat in the back and cuddled him all the way there (this seemed to make him happier). He was unsure of all the new smells and surroundings but; then he saw her, amazingly, they recognised each other immediately and set off to play. I knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship for Sky and I.

Sky and Amber are the very best of friends!

Over the next few weeks, we worked on recall and off the lead training. Sky even learned some tricks and really started to come out of his shell. We visited Amber more and more and their friendship continued to grow and support progress for both dogs. Sky slowly learned to play out on walks but the way he is with Amber is incomparable, they are bonded like no other and it’s beautiful to see how they are coming along in leaps and bounds.

We’ve enjoyed walks on the beach, in the mountains, trails, we have even been to some dog shows and of course, we always came home with a prize! I couldn’t be more proud of Sky!

Amber giving Sky a congratulatory snoot boop!

A year later…

It’s been just over a year later now and Sky is a totally different dog to the one that arrived so long ago. He has a huge personality and sometimes a bit of an attitude too, he is very strong willed and spoiled! He is the most intelligent dog I’ve ever known, he makes my life and family complete and I am so happy I made the decision to adopt him.

Kerry and Sky

Thank you PPTF and to Sky for coming into my life.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey Kerry and Sky, we love all the pictures and it’s great to see Amber too.

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M M Bramley · 03/06/2020 at 12:38 pm

Great story, what a lovely dog he is 😍🐾🐶

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