Robbie has really come out of his shell recently and is a right character!

He loves tea towels, socks, tshirts and any kind of fabric he can fling around and has recently started playing with my dad which is great.

He’s an exuberant little (or not so little as the case may be) chap, very vocal, playful and in general just a little clumsy but we think he’s great!

He’s still not keen on people he doesn’t know entering our house but it’s a work in progress and we’re managing the situation so he can progress.

Other than that, his only real vice is his lunging and barking at other dogs but again, this is a work in progress and I’ve gotten some advice from a member of the rescue behaviour team which has been helpful and we’re slowly seeing improvements.

I enrolled Robbie in a ‘Foundations and Focus’ course with my dog trainer which is a 6 week course based mostly online but with 2 practical sessions in an enclosed field.

The online classes have helped up build our engagement and we have had one in person session so far.

I have to say, I was a little apprehensive because of how he can be on the lead but I was confident that there was no real aggression there, just frustration.

Safe to say, he exceeded my expectations and was so good! Took himself off for sniffs at the beginning as I think it was a little overwhelming to be with so many new people and 5 other new dogs but he then joined the main group and even started to play with the others by the end.

When we were training on the lead, he was focused and wasn’t barking at the other dogs so left me with a lot of food for thought!

When I recalled him, he came straight away every time and even though the other dogs were jumping over him whilst trying to get his treats out of my hand, he didn’t get grumpy with them and stayed focused on me until they got bored and he eventually got his reward.

We have another one so I’m hoping we can have another positive session and keep these going in future.

He’s also made great progress with our cat and they are now very content with eachother.

He has never grumbled at being left alone, we have a camera in the house for the dogs and he doesn’t make a peep.

Such a good boy.

He really is a great dog, absolutely cracks me up on a daily basis and can’t wait for him to keep making progress and coming out of his shell.


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