Due to the increased risk of coronavirus spread and the fact it has now reached pandemic status, we as a rescue must put a policy into place which prioritises the health of our volunteers, adopters, fosters and those that work alongside us.

After much discussion and consideration, we have made changes to the following areas with immediate effect.  If you are worried about how this may affect you please contact your admin (if you’re a fosterer or adopter), your team leader if you are a volunteer or whoever you normally deal with if you are someone who works with us.  You can also reach us on any of the below:

  • Call us: 0333 050 8224
  • Write to us: Pawprints to Freedom, The Deep Business Centre, Tower Street, Hull, HU1 4BG


As of immediate effect (14th of March 2020) all face to face homechecks have been cancelled.  If you are waiting for a homecheck, please reach out to your admin.  Those who can have a homecheck via video call will have contact from the team to arrange this, if you do not have the correct technology to enable this, your homecheck will be rescheduled after we are given clear advice to resume normal activities from the authorities.


The happy bus

As of immediate effect, we are cancelling all future transport runs from Romania until we are given advice that it is safe to continue.  This is because our Romanian transport run crosses many European countries who are not only suffering from high instances of infection but who also have closed their borders in an attempt to control the virus.  It would be irresponsible for us to bring a team through Europe at this time and even if the van arrived without incident, the drivers may not be able to return home afterwards due to border closures, therefore, we have advised all of the drivers to hold transport runs for now.

Internal/UK Transport

We would advise all of our staff to refrain from transporting dogs unless absolutely necessary.  We understand that some dogs may need to be moved urgently and will review such exceptional instances on a case by case basis in line with current medical guidelines, as long as the following conditions are satisfied:

  • All those who will meet throughout the transport run have not been in an area considered to be high-risk in the past 14 days.
  • None of the involved parties suffer with underlying conditions which could mean contracting coronavirus is a very high risk (such as elderly, immunity disorders, on certain treatments, etc) 
  • The dog being moved is fit and well without any symptoms which could potentially be cause for concern.

If you have a condition but you are not sure if this applies, please contact us to discuss as soon as possible.



No fundraising events should be organised by or on behalf of Pawprints to Freedom which encourages people to meet in crowds.  This includes local dog walks, bake sales, etc.


Those sending items which have been won in auctions or competitions or those sending merchandise are classed as safe to do so based on the advice that the coronavirus does not survive very long without a host.  We advise all items received are washed in a hot wash or wiped down with an antibacterial spray where possible – however, we do not deem these activities to be high-risk.  These activities may be reviewed later if further advice is released.


No money shall be handled by any volunteers as a result of any fundraising activities.  All donations should be collected by PayPal or bank transfer only.

Coronavirus in dogs

There is evidence that dogs can become infected with ‘a low-level coronavirus’ without showing any symptoms.  However, it has been advised that there is no evidence that pets can spread coronavirus to humans – or indeed be infected in the same way as humans as no dogs have been seen to be symptomatically suffering with COVID-19.  Therefore, no specific advice has been given to pet owners at this time.  Please do always maintain good hand hygiene and if you are worried about your dog, call your vet straight away.

Getting further advice

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have plenty of information, advice and guidance, which can be found on their website here: