“Painty arrived with me from Romania on 27/05/20 at around 8pm, I was eagerly stood in the middle of the road awaiting his arrival.

Painty was the last PPTF dog on the happy bus, with just one other dog from another rescue. I cried, the minute I saw the happy bus.

Then the second I saw Painty my heart sunk, not in bad way of course but I instantly fell in love with this completely shut down creature hidden in his crate.

If I’m honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had read, re-read and read again the adopters pack. Googled, researched, read up…

Never was I prepared for the journey that would come.

Within 2 weeks we learned Painty struggled with the following..

– Guarding food, area’s, objects, me

– Slipping his harnesses & collars / pulling

– Nipping, Growling, Snapping

– Separation Anxiety

– People & Dog Reactivity

– Chewing / Destructiveness

Painty has been with me now for a year and oh my word how times have changed.

Little by little we began overcoming these “monsters”, we had many of set backs and times where I wasn’t sure it was possible to move forward however fast forward a year and this beautiful humog is the light and soul of the party.

Painty has over come everything on the list above, he has shone above and beyond.

Painty really now knows how to live and thrive at it too.

I’m so proud of how much this boy has over come, I’m so proud of how much this boy has changed/learned/improved.

How do these dogs ever learn to trust us?

It’s beyond me!🤯


Mrs Norma Ewen · 03/06/2021 at 8:42 am

Loved Paintys story our rescue Orla was very quiet to start with but came out of her shell month by month.
We notice how similar she is to Painty could be related.We are now in the 5th Month and she is very loving and is a lovely dog great with the grandkids and loves her walks.She will not be going anywhere as she is family .
Regards Norma Ewen

    Armelle · 03/06/2021 at 10:16 am

    Dear Norma,

    Many thanks for your lovely comment.
    It is great to hearOrla is doing so well!
    Don’t hesitate to send us photos and story at socialmedia@pawprints2freedom.co.uk so we can feature her😊

    Many thanks
    Pawprints to Freedom Web Team

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