We adopted Nevis (previously Violet) in November 2019. We wanted a rescue dog and found PPTF online. We were amazed by all the wonderful work you do and decided not to look anywhere else. 

Arrival day was filled with so many emotions; when our pup Nevis arrived we couldn’t stop crying – she was beautiful but so scared and very smelly! She ate loads of chicken and rice then slept for hours. 

Nevis was frightened, but you could tell that she wanted attention!

She would crawl along the floor to be near my 8 year old son; wherever he went, she would follow.

We slept in the living room with her for the first four nights so she wasn’t alone and after that,  we left all the room doors open so if she wanted to she could come up with us. She slowly started to make her way closer and closer over time and now sleeps in bed with us every night. 

Toilet training was tough though and she still has little accidents but we’re working on it. With regards to walks, she was great on the lead from the first time we took her out, but she was terrified if anyone came near her and would tuck her tail right up under her belly. It broke out hearts. But we just kept doing small walks every day and letting her meet more people and dogs. 

It was just after New Year when she fully came out her shell. I think because we had so many family over and she realised no-one was going to hurt her and then, all of a sudden, every-time she met someone her tail would be wagging and she would be jumping up to say hello… She was like a different dog! 

She has the sweetest nature & everyone loves her. 

PPTF were great with regards to support. They gave us so much information, our admins are great and we were kept up to date on everything.

I would say to anyone looking for a dog, look no further! The PPTF guys are amazing and so helpful. 

Nevis is the most wonderful dog ever, loving, gentle playful and loyal. She loves big long walks, a swim, playing with my son and all her new doggy friends! Her recall is also coming along great. Couldnt have asked for a better friend. Thank you all for making our family complete!

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Sarah · 24/01/2021 at 10:22 am

What an amazing lovely story, I really hope someday really soon we can tell the same one ❤️

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