Sarah Smyth


Rebecca loves all animals but dogs are definitely her favourite and have been since she was young. Her parents grew up with dogs but as a family they didn’t have one until she was in her teens. It was years later after adopting 2 Romanian dogs that Pawprints to Freedom was started. Her vision was to help just a few dogs and on maternity leave had some time to spare. The horrors she had then only heard about in Romania had stuck with her and made her determined. Pawprints to Freedom grew from there and has become so much more than she had thought it would be. We have an amazing team and they are all family. This rescue has given her purpose and she is so proud of what we have achieved together.



Lynsey became aware of the stray dog situation in Romania in 2015 when she adopted her first Romanian rescue dog. In 2016 she headed out to Romania on her own to volunteer at a shelter with another rescue. She loved it so much she didn’t want to leave and the minute she returned home she booked her next trip and has been every 2 months ever since. On one trip she was taken to a public shelter in Adjud. This was a forgotten shelter which no one knew existed. The dogs were only fed twice a week by local volunteers from their own very limited funds. The dogs were in a terrible condition, there was no available medical treatment and no one adopted dogs from here. She set up a group to help to raise funds. She assessed dogs and promoted them for adoption, which is when she was introduced to Rebecca Smyth. PPTF advertised some of the Adjud dogs for adoption and she joined forces with PPTF shortly after.


Operations director

Carol McCallum heads up our surrenders team and works tirelessly finding fosters suitable for handbacks and also any UK dogs we take in. Carol also sorts all of our dogs needing the vets and treatments and is on hand for behavioural advice. Having 5 dogs of her own and many fosters she has a huge wealth of knowledge.




Emma has loved dogs since she knew what they were. She stumbled across Pawprints to a Freedom in early 2018 when looking for a rescue dog. After having such a wonderful experience welcoming Lola into her home, she was hooked!
In November 2019 she also adopted Penny from Pawprints. Emma helps Pawprints to Freedom in any way she can, usually this is in the form of compliance and regulatory support.
She has a background In compliance, risk, complaints, dispute resolution, data privacy and myriad other things her daily work in financial regulation brings her into contact with.
Her biggest weakness, always adopting one more dog! “I really love the warm shared purpose everyone that volunteers at Pawprints has. Contributing to keeping dogs safe, healthy and happy makes it all worth it.”



Monika is originally from Poland and moved to the UK 15 years ago. All her life she was rescuing animals. Even as a child she would bring home injured birds, squirrels and hedgehogs. She joined the Pawprints team about a year ago and has 3 beautiful rescue dogs from PPTF. She is still fostering and has 2 cats, but that’s not all – she also has 18 tarantulas! She deals with volunteer applications, admins and queries amongst other things. She loves her role because it means she can help people as well as animals. She struggles with social anxiety and thanks to volunteering for PPTF, she can still have contact with people. She has met lots of beautiful people through Pawprints to Freedom. So many of them are now more than friends, they are family.



Lucy has grown up with and always loved dogs. She was converted to a big dog lover in her early teens when her parents rescued a hoverwart. In 2019, after months of trying to find a new four legged family member, Lucy found Pawprints to Freedom and adopted Finn. She was so grateful and touched by the rescue’s work and mission, she offered to volunteer the day Finn arrived. Lucy brings 12yrs of technical knowledge to the table and is always looking for ways to help volunteers work smarter. She says “I’ve loved every second being involved wih PPTF, the team are welcoming and so supportive. I’ve made friends for life. Playing even a small part in the work PPTF do is so rewarding. The hardest thing is trying not to adopt every dog!” 

Deputy Management


Applications and Recruitment Deputy Manager

Hayley came across the Facebook group while helping a friend find a reputable place to adopt from and instantly knew that this was something she wanted to be involved with. She finds the love, passion and support from each and every team member incredible. Being able to help the dogs and mentor other volunteers to do the same is one of the most rewarding things she has ever done. Hayley has always had a keen interest in animals and is qualified in dog grooming, canine obedience and nutrition. She has an ever growing family of pets – 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 budgies, a cockatiel and a leopard gecko! 


DIGITAL MARKETING and technical deputy manager

Laura has always loved animals and actively supported and campaigned for animal rights. When she and her husband decided it was the right time to get a dog of their own, they stumbled across Pawprints to Freedom and fell in love with their girl Lola. Laura was so impressed with the work and dedication of the team, when the opportunity to put her graphic design and digital marketing skills to good use came up, she jumped at the chance. She loves her role and being a part of the Pawprints family!

Comments Team

The Comments Team pick up all the comments left on our Facebook page and group. They are often the first point of contact for many adopters and fosterers and are there to guide you through the process



Dawn joined the Pawprints team in 2018 after messaging us offering to help. Dawn fosters as well as dealing with comments. Through Pawprints to Freedom she has learnt things she never though she could do and is trying to better herself. As a stay at home mum of four, she wanted something for herself and the dream was always to have her own rescue. Volunteering for Pawprints is the next best thing. She takes great pride in knowing she has helped to save many dogs in need.



Emma has a young daughter and works part time in a supermarket. She volunteers for Pawprints to Freedom because of her love of dogs. Pawprints to Freedom has become a large part of her life. It’s really hard work but is so rewarding seeing the dogs in their forever homes. She has just finished her Canine Behavioural Diploma and is working on her Canine Communication and Dog Training Diploma. She has 3 cats and a dog in foster. The most fosters she has had is 3, but she would have more if her husband would let her!



Nicola had been following PPTF for about 6 months before deciding to take the plunge and volunteer on New Year’s Eve 2019. She has previously had 2 rabbits and currently has 2 cats, but has never had the chance to own a dog despite being a lifelong dog lover. PPTF is a fantastic way of helping dogs in need, proving you don’t need to own a dog in order to play a part in their welfare. Outside of her PPTF volunteering, Nicola works part time for the NHS and has a 4 year old daughter. Future plans include adopting and fostering dogs, and hopefully rescuing chickens too!

Calls Team

The Calls Team have a similar role to the Comments Team but deal with the enquiries and applications which come in via phone, email or directly through the website.



Annalise originally hailing from the south island of New Zealand, now lives in the Highlands of Scotland with her 2 sons, 1 rescue cats, 2 PPTF rescue dogs and an elderly bunny. She is a qualified veterinary nurse and has been a collector and lover of animal her whole life. Notably going for a walk one afternoon and returning with a neglected horse from a neighbouring farm and coming home from a family holiday with a week old baby goat who had lost it’s mother. Annalise finds the rescue work extremely rewarding and when not busy with PPTF (which isn’t often!), she enjoys walking her dogs in the woods and reading



Lisa lives in South West Scotland with her husband, daughter and an assortment of animals – 5 dogs, 3 horses, 3 sheep and 20 ex-battery hens. Animals, particularly dogs, have always been her passion and over the years, Lisa has given a home to many rescue dogs, including 3 of her current pack.

Behaviour Team

All of our dogs come with full rescue back up but the Behaviour Team are there to help you work through any issues that may arise.



Beth is mum to a beautiful little girl and a “crazy dog lady”, as she’s been called walking up to 6 dogs at a time. It’s a challenge but keeps her occupied. She volunteers because she wants to help the dogs. She wants to get as many dogs as possible out of the hellholes they currently live in and get them into warm loving homes. Being a Behaviour Team Leader keeps her busy. She’s the first port of call for any dog that has behaviour issues. She helps match people to dogs and has become successful in fosters being rehabilitated and ready for adoption. With her mission to help, she will continue to support the dogs and the rescue as much as she can.

Foster Team

The Foster Team deal with all of our dogs in UK foster placements. They manage the foster process, match dogs to suitable foster placements and provide support to all of our wonderful foster carers.



Carla has always been a dog lover. When she moved into her own home, it was top of her to do list to get a dog. She and her partner went to multiple rescue centres in the UK but none really found them a suitable dog due to their age and lack of experience. They got impatient and got a black Labrador pup named Arlo. A few weeks after getting him, she stumbled across PPTF on Facebook and immediately offered to volunteer and hasn’t looked back and loved every minute of it. She says “Volunteering for PPTF at times is heartbreaking, but is also one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. We are literally saving dogs’ lives daily.”

Fundraising Team

We wouldn’t be able to help any dogs without the funds to do so, which is where our Fundraising Team comes in. The adoption fees only cover costs so your support is vital to ensuring we can help as many dogs as possible.



Natalie is a stay at home mum to 2 beautiful girls and in her spare time volunteers for Pawprints to Freedom. She volunteers because she wants to make a difference and without your donations we wouldn’t be able to do what we do to help so many dogs in need. Dogs are her world and she would do anything to help one in need, or in this case many!



Vikki started fostering for PPTF back in 2017. She’s had 5 wonderful foster furbabies who have all moved onto their forever homes! In 2019 she also started helping to fundraise, even doing a 13,000ft skydive! In November 2019 she fell in love and adopted her own PPTF pooch Margaret. Who has settled in perfectly with her 2 dogs Gregory & Rupert. In January 2020 her and her boyfriend Dave road tripped through Europe and took a truck full of food to a small private shelter PPTF support. She absolutely loves being part of the PPTF team. It’s amazing, humbling, and often overwhelming at times to see the difference everyone makes to these dogs lives by all working together.

Auctions Team

 One of the ways we raise money is through our auction page which is managed by the Auction Team. There’s always some great bargains to be had and you’re helping the dogs in the process.

Auction page



Jane organises our auction page which is a valuable source of fundraising. Jane lives in Surrey with her 2 dogs (hopefully soon to be 3!). She loves playing cards and of course her other great love is Pawprints to Freedom



Heather is a mother of one who lives in Scotland. She fosters dogs and has adopted one as well from Romania. She currently has 5 cats and 2 dogs. Heather volunteers for the auction and really enjoys being able to help raise much needed funds for the dogs

Payments Team

The Payments Team deal with all things financial – from adoption fees and direct debits to refunds.



Katie has been volunteering since January 2020 and it’s one of the best things she has ever done. Seeing the dogs in their forever homes is so rewarding. She loves her role, as although it’s not the same as being an admin and getting the dogs home, it’s just as important to ensure we have the funds available. She has one cat and an adopted dog from Pawprints to Freedom

Events Team



Armelle always had animals around her from a very early age, mainly abandoned cats. She has volunteered for French dog rescues since 2010 and started to volunteer for PPTF in 2019. She hasn’t looked back. She feels very fortunate to work alongside such amazing, like-minded people. It isn’t always easy but being able to help the dogs is a wonderful reward. After 20 years of professional experience in marketing, communications and events in many countries, this role was made for her! She currently has 4 dogs and no time for a hobby – but does love cooking. She’d love to open a pet and pet parent restaurant the day she retires!

Transport Team

The Transport Team co-ordinate the whole process of getting the dogs over from Romania and to their new homes.


Transport team


Chiplists team


Microchips team


Contracts team

Rescuers Team

The Rescuers Team liaise with our rescuers, especially the smaller/lone rescuers, ensuring that dogs are still available and are ready for adoption.



Lily started volunteering around October 2019 after she had adopter her girl. She loves volunteering for Pawprints to Freedom because not only is it so rewarding finding all of these dogs homes, but she’s made so many close friends too. She loves her role as Rescuers Team Leader because it gives a real insight into how much work the rescuers put in to saving these dogs behind the scenes. She has a PPTF girl called Barley and a horse called Timmy. Her animals are her world and she’d be lost without them!

Homecheck Team

Once you’ve submitted an application, the Homecheck Team will arrange a homecheck with you to ensure that every home we are sending dogs to is safe and suitable.



 Jackie lost her German Shepherd Skye in 2018 and swore she would never get another dog. In her day job, Jackie’s service users know she’s mad daft on dogs and every so often sent dog pics trying to tempt her! In January 2019, she got a few pics of Roman, an older dog being fostered in Newport and her heart melted!!! During the adoption process, she was asked if I wanted to volunteer for PPTF dog rescue and, after the whole positive adoption experience, she started volunteering as a HC admin in March 2019 and is now Team Leader. Sometimes the rescue is busier than her own job but she absolutely loves the rewards of working in rescue.



Karen is the mother of 3 daughters and 4 granddaughters. She lives in Scarborough and has 3 cats and 6 dogs – 3 English Setters, 2 from Spain and 1 from Romania. One rescue, Gordon, a  Setter from Spain , a puppy farm Cocker Spaniel from Wales and a chocolate Cocker Spaniel who is the only one she has had from a puppy. Apart from volunteering for Pawprints to Freedom, Karen works as a Driving Examiner for the DVSA.



Dovile has always dreamed of having a home full of dogs. She and her partner rescued 2 dogs from Spain and it was everything she had hoped. Once they had settled Dovile went on a search for number 3, finding PPTF along the way. Dovile then noticed a post asking for help and wanted to be part of the incredible work PPTF do. Dovile joined the team as a Comments Admin but now looks after the Home Check Review team. She says “There is nothing better than being part of a process which ensures that every home is safe, loving and every adopter is well matched to their new pet.”
She has also recently started  a canine behaviour course to be able to help more and give so much needed advice to our adopters and fosterers. 

Albums Team

The Albums Team are responsible for creating Facebook albums on our group for every new dog that comes in.



Mum of a German Shepherd named Kiera, a giant fluffball cat named Charlie and a beautiful mini lop bunny named Ollie. Stephanie loves animals and would have her own zoo at home if she could! She works full time and spends her evening sortingout her own babies as well as promoting the poor dogs in Romania, helping them find their forever homes. The teams at Pawprints do everything they can to save as many dogs as possible and she is so happy to be part of the PPTF family.



Amy is a mum of 5 and has 2 Romanian rescue dogs of her own, Recently, Amy has started to foster dogs too! Amy is an outdoorsy type girl and loves anything to do with animals, which is why she volunteers for Pawprints to Freedom!

Systems Team

The Systems Team looks after all of the back office systems that we use, ensuring that the process runs smoothly and all our data is up to date and accurate.

Lisa Johnson Bates


Lisa has been volunteering with PPTF since September 2019. She became involved as a volunteer following her own experience with her first rescue – a 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier who in her 3 and a half years with them transformed from not knowing how to play, explore life beyond a very short lead and not know what love was, into a dog who lived her best life in her forever home. To have had that privilege, Lisa wanted to help other dogs but as she works full time, needed something which could fit around that. Her role within systems is a perfect way to do that as she can volunteer in the evenings and at weekends from home. It’s a world away from her working life in a law firm, so is absolutely perfect and is where her heart is!