We decided to use PPTF due to the great communication displayed through their Facebook page. We had reached out to other pages but felt PPTF had such a dedicated team of admins and we knew the process would be as simple as it can possibly be. 

The big day!

Lilo was booked onto the bus leaving Romania on the 24th of January (Thursday) and she arrived on the 26th of January (Sunday). The whole process couldn’t be faulted. We were added into a transport group chat so knew roughly when she would arrive, and the admins were so helpful with any questions and just generally getting everyone prepared. We were given ETAs where possible, and informed when a dog had been dropped to their forever home. 

Lilo when she arrived

Lilo arrived around 12pm. We had food and water and toys ready for her, as well as a crate. When she came into the house, she hid underneath an armchair for the whole day. She wouldn’t look at her crate or toys and would only eat if we put the food in front of her and walked to the other side of the room. She could only be coaxed out with piles of rice and wouldn’t let us anywhere near her. We gave her space, and by lunchtime the next day she was coming out from under the chair in small doses to sniff around. 

She refused to leave our living room for 3 days. She would go to the toilet wherever and whenever suited her, and she would dart back under the chair if you so much as scratched your nose, however, we persevered and gave her space to come out in her own time. 

Lilo’s safe spot!

The Challenges

Lilo wasn’t toilet trained, was terrified of us and refused to leave our living room for 3 days. We used puppy pads since she wouldn’t leave the room, and any time she would pee on the floor we would soak it up first with the puppy pad so she could smell it on the pad. Persevering with this showed her that this was where she was meant to go to the toilet. Once she allowed me to take her outside, we would sit outside with her and a puppy pad until she got the hang of using the pad outside. The pad was then slowly removed and I’m so proud to say that within 9 days Lilo is practically fully toilet trained. 

Lilo loves her crate!

We gained her trust by just letting her come to us in her own time. She went from refusing to let us anywhere near her to begging for belly rubs and rolling about on the floor with any visitor that comes through the front door. 

She will now come out for a walk with no problem and we have met plenty of furry friends out and about. 


The only problem we still deal with is separation anxiety. We expected this due to her still being so young and probably scared of the idea that this isn’t her forever home and we may leave and never come back. We started with leaving her in the living room with a food puzzle and the radio on whilst I’m sitting in the bedroom for 5 minutes, and have slowly increased the time. We don’t fuss her when we come back in, and she can now be left for up to an hour and a half before she will whine. Considering she’s only been here 9 days I’m absolutely elated. 

We’ve been so supported!

PPTF have been amazing. Our admin has been so lovely and helpful and I genuinely can’t thank everyone involved enough for all their hard work. It can’t be easy mentally or emotionally trying to give all these dogs a forever home, but they do it without asking for any thanks and just want to see all the dogs happy. Any questions were quickly answered, and I was never made to feel like anything was too much trouble. 

Lilo looking a little more settled!

Advice for others…

Lilo has absolutely changed my life. Yes, it is hard work. It can sometimes be frustrating if your dog just isn’t playing ball (figuratively) with you one day. But literally all of that goes out the window when you see the progress. All they need is your love and your time. Lilo is so loving and affectionate, I would do the whole process again in a heartbeat. PPTF have been fantastic, I couldn’t speak more highly of them and have recommended all my friends to have a look as they have all fallen in love with Lilo and want to adopt rather than shop. If you have the space in your heart and home for a dog and understand the commitment you’re making, it will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. 

Thank you Ellis for sharing Lilos story with us, we have just loved looking at her pictures!


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