“After wanting to adopt a dog for a while and not being in the position to do so, we finally found ourselves with the right set of circumstances and stumbled across Pawprints to Freedom completely by accident.

My partner had always had dogs but I was a first-time owner although had had some experience and wasn’t sure what to fully expect or if we would even be accepted for adoption.

On further investigation, it seemed that there was the perfect dog for us in foster less than a 40-minute drive from our home, Liliana, who we fell in love with and her advert stated she had kidney problems and could wet herself overnight. 

Being an older, wonky animal lover, we applied and quickly set in to motion having garden works to fully secure the garden in anticipation of being matched with Liliana.

The news came that we were matched and a date set to collect her, and a frantic shopping trip to ensure we had everything we needed in time!

Liliana moved in and settled as if she’d always been here, was slowly introduced to our cats and I quickly realised that I wanted to do all I could to help these precious dogs so I looked in to volunteering and in January applied to join the Homecheck team.

Rapidly following on from this, we registered to become fosterers and quickly welcomed our foster dog Cindy who joined us at the end of January. 

Cindy was nervous and very unsure of us, was on medication for Epilepsy and a bit thin, but in no time at all has blossomed in to an entirely different dog: has gained weight, become very trusting of us, and is now off the Epilepsy medication and hasn’t had a fit since being with us.

We quickly fell in love with her and her strong bond to Liliana and we made the decision to become failed fosterers and adopt her as we both realised that she was in her forever home and the adoption was completed on 9th March 2021!

In February the Homecheck Decisions Team asked for more volunteers whereby I quickly said I’d help out as needed and am now carrying out Homechecks as well as making Homecheck Decisions (on other peoples completed Homechecks). 

Initially we were unsure if we would be able to have the 2 adopted dogs and continue to foster, however we have a foster joining us soon who we are hoping to help blossom to then move on to his forever family!”


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