“When my partner and I were initially looking to adopt a dog, we came across Pawprints to Freedom while researching rescues who were still rehoming during lockdown.

We initially wanted to adopt a dog who had been in UK Foster as we were first time dog owners and a bit nervous about it all.

However, after days and days of scrolling through Pawprints’ Facebook page, we saw Kim and fell in love! O

ur admin told us that he had been in the shelter for over a year and we just knew we had to help him out of there.

He was described as a slightly nervous boy but was said to be coming out of his shell slightly and he’d get there with some love and patience.

When he arrived, we soon realised this was a dog who still had a long way to go to come out of his shell!

After finally coming in to the flat and having a quick sniff about, he retreated back to the safe space of his crate and he barely left for days.

Every time he left the crate it was very tentative and any sudden movement or sound would scare him and he would hide back in there.

He would approach us very very slowly to take treats but that was it and it took a few days for him to trust us enough to stroke him.

At night he was very unsettled and needed one of us in the same room as him to get to sleep.

He wouldn’t take a collar, lead or harness for a few days which took a lot of building up on, and he also spent his first few days desperately trying to get up to the window to see outside which resulted in a few ruined cushions, pair of curtains and a chewed windowsill!

It was a stressful first week or two worrying about him and comparing his progress to other dogs who arrived at the same time.

In just a few weeks we saw a huge change in Kim, from a nervous boy who couldn’t be touched, to a dog who was willingly coming to us for pets and who adored his walks.

It took Kim a few weeks to trust us but once he did he was the most loving, sweet dog ever.

We are now nearly 10 months in and Kim is a completely different dog!

He adores the finer things in life – long walks where he can run around, cuddles with us (we often wake up to him having plonked himself in between us in bed!) and sleeping all day long!

He still takes a little while to warm up to new people and other dogs, but he now trusts us 100% and is such a happy boy.

He loves to show off and he will sit and give you a paw for a treat without even being asked now!

His recall is coming along brilliantly and he loves to visit the secure dog field near us where he can run to his hearts content! 

A little bit of time, patience, and a quiet home to relax in is all this boy needed and now he is the most loving dog ever.

He has settled in so well and everyone we know absolutely adores him and loves to see how he’s come on!

We couldn’t be more in love with him! “


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