I have followed PPTF on Facebook for awhile, I followed them as they help so many needy animals, something very close to my heart, so I decided to adopt with them.

PPTF were very supportive throughout the adoption process. I was kept up to date with how the application was going and the adoption pack I was sent was excellent too.

Kat was a UK foster and once the application and homechecks were signed off, I was added to a group chat so I could interact with her foster family. We were then also able to organise to collect her earlier than expected which was amazing as she came to us when we had a few days off work and could be home with her.

Kat hiding in a food trough in Romania

I had intended to rescue a cat but, having seen Kat (then Willhemena) scared and hiding in a trough I couldn’t stop thinking about her until I felt it was my mission to get her out of there. So our journey began…

On arrival day we from Cambs to Wales to collect her from foster where she had been for only two days. She was terrified and on the journey home she tried to hide in the bed we had put into a cage for her. She trembled with fear and would not look at us or face in our direction. It must have been so traumatic for our new fur baby!

When we got home Kat was a trembling wreck for 48 hrs or so and just seeking places to hide away whenever she could, we slept downstairs with her on the first night. Obviously trust was going to need to be built on both sides and reassurance that this is her home.

The main challenge we found with Kat was, she would not acknowledge us and just trembled the whole time which was so hard to watch. We knew we just needed to be patient with her and give her some time and space to decompress and get used to her new surroundings.

We made sure she was always comfortable and fed and worked at her pace giving her plenty of space when she needed it. Slowly she started to gain confidence and started to trust us.

Kat now has a comfier place to sleep

Once there was a bit of confidence and trust we moved on to learning how to accept a lead and collar. This was also hard for her initially but lots of time and positive encouragement has enabled her to start to enjoy her walkies.

My advice to anyone contemplating adopting a dog is… just go for it.

These dogs really need to get out of where they are and Kat has shown everyone just how these dogs can be turned around. Kat isn’t a young girl and it shows it’s never too late to make an unlucky life into a happy ending.

Kat is known as Kat the dog we thought this was fitting as I was initially looking to adopt a cat and fell in love with this dog instead. She has her own Facebook page (Kat the Dog) and even her own signature. She is doing so well, it’s a learning process and it takes time and patience but little by little she is getting there and it was the best decision we ever made!

What a difference!

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M M Bramley · 03/06/2020 at 12:24 pm

I remember seeing pictures of Kat on the PPTF page living in the trough😥
What a lovely happy ending for her 🤗🐾🐕

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