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Who is Tuk?

Tuk was a young, fit and healthy boy with full rescue back up but sadly, he was euthanised on 22 December 2017. He was brought to the vet by someone who was not the registered keeper on Tuk’s chip, the registered keeper was not contacted for consent, nor was the rescue who would have offered Tuk full rescue back up. Following this tragic event, a group started a campaign to create a movement to stop this from happening and that is where Tuk’s Law started.


What is Tuk’s Law?

Tuks Law, if passed, would make it a legal requirement for all vets to scan a dogs chip, prior to euthanasia and contact the registered keeper(s) for consent. Not only would this prevent someone who is not the registered keeper having a dog euthanised without consent, but it would also ensure that if the chip was dual registered, the second entity would also be contacted for consent. Most rescue dogs are dual registered, primarily to the registered keeper of the dog (normally the adopter or fosterer named on the contract) and secondly, to the rescue. The reason for this is that most rescue dogs have full rescue back up and if the dog were to become lost, stolen or abandoned, anyone scanning the chip would know to return the dog to the rescue, should the registered keeper be unable to be found or unwilling to help.

How you can help…

Please sign the petition and share this post with your family and friends, together we can make a change and stop this happening again! Help the campaigners reach 100,000 signatures by the 4th of September. Fight with us for Tuk!

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