Internal handover declaration

By signing this declaration, I agree to collect the dog abiding by the below conditions and understand that if I attend the collection point without adhering to the conditions in this declaration, I may not be permitted to collect the dog until I do.


I will take the following equipment with me to the collection point:

  • Slip lead
  • Dog crate
  • Dog seatbelt and harness
  • The vehicle and driver will be suitable for the journey including appropriate insurance

Handing over the dog

  • I will not make arrangements to collect the dog until I am sure the dog is ready to be transported
  • I will not make arrangements to collect the dog until I have the necessary equipment required to collect and transport the dog as listed above
  • I have a secure crate in good working order that is a suitable size for the dog I am transporting and;
  • If using a crate to transport the dog, it is secured within the vehicle or;
  • If I do not use a crate, I will ensure the dog is wearing a harness that is secured to the car seatbelt, which is secured in a fastened position.
  • If the dog is inside the car, it should be secured using the preferred transport method (crate or harness and seatbelt at all times)
  • If the dog is outside of the car I will ensure a slip lead is on the dog at all times
  • I will ensure the dog is wearing a slip lead or secured inside a crate until safely inside the destination

The journey

  • I will not have the windows of the car open unless there is a welfare concern due to the internal temperature of the vehicle
  • I will make every effort to avoid arranging collection during adverse weather
  • I will drive safely, with no sharp braking
  • I will drive legally and abide by road traffic laws

Moving the dog into the destination

  • I will not remove the dog from the car until I have secured a slip lead if I cannot carry the dog within a locked crate