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I came across PPTF whilst looking for a dog to join our family, we had tried rescues in our area, which there aren’t many due to our location, and due to the fact we have a young child under 10, we got turned down.

The search was on!

I thought I’d try Facebook and happened to come across the PPTF page, so decided to have a look. I had a look at some of the photos and sat with my partner wondering if one would be suitable for us.

Reading some of the write-ups and seeing the photos I had to make an enquiry. The response was lovely, someone got back to me near enough straight away, extremely helpful and not turning us away because we had a child. It just felt right to try and find us a dog!! But how do you choose?

We made the decision as a family

We spent ages looking through photos, reading, and preparing, and understanding what it would mean to give one of these dogs a chance. We understood that the situations and conditions these dogs have come from and how it could affect their behaviour and state of mind, and how it will be a major life-changing event for these dogs, and it would take time and plenty of patience for these dogs to adjust. Did we think we could handle this? As a family, we agreed. And the search was on.

Falling in love

After much agreeing and disagreeing seeing lots of beautiful dogs who all wanted our help. How were we supposed to choose, we kept coming back to the same little dog? Her face said it all. She was the girl for us.

Lucy in Romania

We made enquiries and were helped through the adoption process, which was simple, with no problems. Home check day came, and nerves were jangle. Would we pass? Yes! The man who did our check was lovely, just making sure our home was safe and secure, and dog-friendly. And then it began. The waiting games. Our precious cargo would be soon on the way!!

The happy bus

On the day of her departure, we were all excited, we were kept up to date with her travels, and where she was, it seemed like weeks we had to wait. Eventually, our arrival day was here. We were ready, the van arrived, and the driver was lovely, our girl didn’t want to come out. But with a little lift and a bit of persuasion she did. Ohhhh boy did she smell! – but we didn’t care, bath time could wait. She needed to trust us first.

Lucy settling in.

There was plenty of sniffing, wandering around and exploring, but she was very, very nervous, so I just left her to herself and let her wander. She found the flower bed and decided that felt a safe place to sit and observe. Every noise made her jump and every movement, but she found comfort in my 7-year-old daughter who she took too pretty much straight away.

Day 1

She didn’t eat, poo or wee the first night which worried me, but I was assured it would be nerves and the drastic change of life. I spent every night for the first week sleeping downstairs with her, I thought she would be wandering and pacing trying to get out. But I was wrong. She curled up in a ball, and all she did was sleep. Cosy, warm and loved.

The real journey was yet to come

It was going to be a long journey; one only time and patience and love would assist us. She was scared of everything and everyone. New sights, sounds and smells – it wasn’t easy and we knew it wouldn’t be, but we were confident we could make her journey a good one.

Lucy with her bestie, Ellie.

We’ve felt so supported

Everyone we have been involved at PPTF has been of great support and there is always someone there to help you through the tough times, whenever you need help, advice, you will get the backup and they will always be there for you. They are amazing!! They truly are!! I could not recommend PPTF enough, we have been so pleased with our 1st dog, that we now have 3 wonderful rescues from them!

Three happily ever afters on the ‘dog sofa’!
Left to right: Charlie, Bella & Lucy

Thank you so much to Emma for sharing her story and photographs! If you want to feature in our blog, keep an eye out for posts in our Happy Paws Facebook group!


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