When our Happy Bus leaves Romania it is always an emotional time – off these dogs go to their new, happier lives. 

They board the bus nervously without any idea about the future ahead of them. 

Some arrive anxious & smelly and often frightened after years of shelter life. 

But they are about to experience the best thing that has ever happened to them: a loving and caring home full of people that are excited about the arrival of their new family member. 

They will experience what it’s like to have a warm place to sleep, receive regular meals, get taken on walks and mostly: receive loads of love. 

This particular bus leaves our rescuer even more tearful than it usually does. 

One of the passengers is Ginger. 8-year-old Ginger spent years in a brutal public shelter before we got him out. 

Despite his ordeal he is a sweet soul and finally found his forever home. 

He has no idea how wonderful his life is about to get, but our rescuer does. So she shed a little tear of joy for Ginger, the sweet boy who made it out against the odds. 

Thank you all for helping with donations, your words of encouragement and sharing the dog profiles on social media. You make it possible to find these sweet dogs the loving homes every dog deserves.  


Linda · 01/04/2021 at 4:12 pm

So beautiful to see my Ginger on the success stories. He has taken to home life like a duck to water, has a beautiful soul and temperament to match and I am the lucky one to share our lives together. Hes by my side constantly and loves going for walks and then cuddles when we’re home. Thank you PPTF for rescuing him xx

    Armelle · 03/04/2021 at 8:59 am

    Hi linda,

    Thank you so much for having adopted beautiful Ginger and giving him the loving home he deserved.
    Please send us some updates, we would love to do a before/after story❤️

    Many thanks
    Pawprints to Freedom Web Team

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