This is Gas💔 Or rather, this WAS Gas a few months ago. This is the state we found him in at a public shelter in Romania.

It took us weeks and many written complaints to the shelter as well as the local mayor to get him out. They didn’t want him to release Gas to us as he hadn’t been neutered, but he was too skinny to survive the neutering process.

With the food shortage in those public shelters this presented a catch 22.

This week he walked out of hell into safety.💫 Persistence got us there in the end and this is sweet boy is now looking for a caring home.❤️

We not only find future homes for these beautiful, forgotten souls. We save them, nurse and nurture them. We take on many dogs that otherwise wouldn’t stand chance of ever finding a loving family or even survival.

We offer many dogs long term foster as their trauma has been too overwhelming. Many have been beaten, starved, abused and no-one cares about their fate. We do. With your help, this is what we can achieve.🌟

We would like to share a story from behind the scenes like that of Gas with you every Friday and combine it with a £1 Friday pledge.

If you can afford it, even just £1 per month would make a huge difference to how many dogs we can take into safety, nurse them and find them their forever home.

We all give our time for free, but regular funding will help us keep our shelters going and the vet bills covered.🙏

If you’ve like to help or learn more about PPTF please follow this link to our website: This would be the best £1 you’ve ever spent! 💫

With love from all the dogs that have been saved and the ones that will be saved thanks to your big heart & generosity.🐾❤️ 

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Gordon Wilkinson · 10/05/2021 at 2:18 pm

really worthwhile after seeing how many dogs are saved and get new forever homes

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