From us all here at Pawprints to Freedom we would like to say thank you to every single one of our adopters and fosters. We are extremely grateful to you for opening your hearts and homes to help save a dog’s life, and that you chose us to help you do that.

AS you are aware, we run this rescue completely with volunteers who do this around their everyday lives. They juggle work, children, etc. and still help us save dogs on a daily basis. Even though this is the case, we always want our adopters and fosters to have been fully supported throughout the process and if you need any further support after the dog is home with you.

We would like to know how you have felt the process has been. We welcome feedback as we strive to improve and be the best rescue we can be. So we would really appreciate if you could take some time to let us know how we did and if you could suggest any improvements. We will use this feedback so we can improve our training for our teams across the rescue and hopefully help more dogs find secure loving homes in the future!

Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts on our rescue. Please look up our adopters and fosters page. We are one big family here at Pawprints to Freedom and we love seeing updates on all of our Pawprints dogs

We also have our auction group which is vital for us to help raise much-needed funds so we can help more dogs.

If you would like to continue to support us please consider helping us in other ways. Please spread the word of our rescue, share our page, donate to help raise funds or maybe help us by volunteering yourself!