Thank you to Amanda for sharing Dolly’s story with us

Choosing Pawprints to Freedom…

I had originally wanted to get a puppy from a breeder but then when I thought about it more I decided that those dogs would always have homes and I wanted to help a rescue dog.

I looked at rescues over here but then someone told me about a friend that had adopted from Romania and some of the conditions the dogs live in. I did a Facebook search and found Pawprints to Freedom.

I put my application form in and was impressed with how thorough the form was and the amount of information and advice I received.

It was so good to be added to the transport group so you could get updates through the journey and chat with all the other new adopters on the chat.

She was so scared…

When Dolly arrived I could see she was really scared. The drivers were great and brought her right to the door. I carried her into the house and sat on the floor with her. She was so scared that she wet herself on me but stayed on my lap. I sat quietly with her whispering to her and could feel her body relax.

The kids stayed upstairs until she seemed more relaxed and then they came and sat with her quietly. The kids’ presence seemed to relax her even more and she lay on the floor with them.

Dolly was absolutely terrified of the crate so I took that down the next day. She ate and drank quite a bit and she would go under the kitchen table if she wanted some quiet time.

She wouldn’t go anywhere near her comfy bed and just seemed happy laying on the floor. I slept on the sofa for the first few nights as she seemed anxious while she lay on the floor next to the sofa.

There were challenges and set backs…

The main challenge with Dolly was walking her. She was ok in the garden but as soon as we tried to take her for a walk she was scared and we couldn’t get further than halfway down the garden path before she was desperately pulling back towards the house.

We just kept trying each day to go a little further or just stayed on the path for as long as she could manage. Luckily I live in a small close so it was quiet from a traffic point of view. There is a small wooded area literally around the corner so I started carrying her to that and she was more relaxed there.

As she seemed to prefer green areas rather than streets we drove to some bigger wooded areas and parks. Sadly Dolly was attacked on one of her walks by two dogs off the lead and that set us right back so then we joined a dog group that meets every weekend.

Lots of dog owners and their dogs meet up in a secure field and the dogs all run around and play. She was quite reserved for the first couple of weeks but since then it has been amazing for her confidence and socialisation.

She’s like a different dog now…

She’s like a different dog now, she loves going for a walk. She still prefers wooded walks and fields to street walks but now we can walk her on the street with her tail up and she’s happy.

I found the whole process of the adoption supportive and am so glad I chose PPTF. I would absolutely recommend PPTF, I was so happy with the process I volunteered myself! Volunteering has made me appreciate PPTF even more as there is so much more going on behind the scenes that you have no idea about as an applicant.

I would say to any applicant that it is really important that you read all the info so you have an idea of all the possible challenges you may face so you can make an informed choice. Even the puppies could present with issues so you need to be sure and committed enough to put the work in. These dogs have been through enough.


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