Please confirm receipt of our PPTF Adoption Pack which covers the following topics:

  • The adoption process (inc. preparations for travel, vaccinations, tests and delivery)
  • How to settle your dog
  • Health advice (inc. vet visits and flea/worm recommendations)
  • Crate training advice
  • Introducing dogs and children
  • Introducing resident dogs
  • Dealing with lead reactivity
  • Learning to be left alone
  • Trigger stacking and behavioural management
  • Where to get further help

The undersigned (hereinafter referred to the applicant) hereby confirm that should they be unable to keep the dog for any reason that they will return them through Pawprints to Freedom in accordance with the adoption or foster contract. The applicant(s) will not attempt to rehome the dog by themselves or via any other agency, they will not surrender the dog until they have carried out such steps as agreed in the home-check.

The applicant(s) acknowledges that they understand and accept that once the dog commences transport to the UK, the full adoption fee is non-refundable. In the event that the adoption is cancelled prior to the dog leaving Romania, or at any time if adopting a dog already in the UK, the £150 deposit is non-refundable.

In order to process your application, we will require proof of ID (eg: driver’s license, passport etc.) and proof of address (eg: utility bill or letter from HMRC, local council or DWP) which should be uploaded below.

By signing this declaration Applicant(s) hereby acknowledge the following:

  • that the full history of these dogs is unknown, unless specified otherwise;
  • that this includes the date of birth, which is estimated by the rescuer and this is the date shown on the passport (the actual date of birth is unknown unless specified otherwise);
  • that it is common for there to be a discrepancy in the given dates of birth for any dog;
  • that applicant(s) have the relevant permission to have a dog on their premises and can provide proof if required;
  • Applicant(s) understand any dog may act or react differently in a home environment than it does in a shelter;
  • Applicant(s) confirm that if Applicant(s) choose to proceed in adopting or fostering a dog through PPTF Applicant(s) do so at their own risk;
  • Applicant(s) confirm that the proof of ID and proof of address uploaded is accurate and current.
  • Applicant(s) confirm that they will seek and cover costs of professional behavioural advice if required prior to surrendering
  • The applicant(s) agree I can afford vet and kennel bills should they be required
  • Applicant(s) confirm that the in event of needing to surrender the dog they agree to cover emergency kennelling costs
  • Applicant(s) confirm that they will read and follow the advice given in the adoption or foster booklet prior to surrendering
  • Applicant(s) confirm that the dog cannot be euthanised for behavioural issues
  • Applicant(s) confirm that the dog cannot be euthanised for medical issues without prior consent from Pawprints to Freedom unless in an emergency

If you are adopting a puppy, please read the following:

Puppy Neutering Program.

When adopting a puppy, there will be an additional fee payable of £100. Which will be held by PPTF until your puppy is neutered, this must be within 6 months of their arrival, and proof of this is provided to PPTF, at this point, the £100 will be returned** to the bank account which the initial payment was received from.

* Neuter program funds are held separately to all other monies.

** We understand there may be instances whereby neutering within the 6 month period is not possible. The period of the program may be extended on an individual basis at PPTF management discretion. Please contact us should you be unable to neuter your dog within 6 months of their arrival. Failure to do so will result in the £100 being forfeited to PPTF

I agree I have read and understood the information provided and I agree all the terms and conditions set out above (Adoption and foster declaration v1.1)(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
I understand that if I am fostering, the dog is still available for adoption and this will take precedence over fostering unless exceptional circumstances. I understand that I may not be notified before the reservation for adoption is made and if I choose to adopt I will make my admin aware as soon as possible(Required)