This document refers to dogs being moved within the UK ONLY. If you are receiving a dog from Romania, please see our Transport Procedures using button below

During the global pandemic surrounding COVID-19 Pawprints to Freedom made the decision to halt all transport of dogs from foster homes to forever homes. Upon careful consultation with governing bodies, management have made the decision to uplift the ban on internal transport assuming those involved with
transporting the dog adhere to the following guidelines.

Transport Safety Guidelines

  • All adopters/fosters must confirm they have a slip lead, car seat belt or travel crate.
  • Adopters and Fosters must adhere to the 2m social distancing guidance as per government guidelines at all times throughout the transport of the dog.
  • Adopters are able to collect the dog from OUTSIDE the fosters home, the foster can secure the dog and step away while the adopter then collects the dog, you are not advised to physically come into contact with each other. It is also possible for the foster to secure the dog in the adopters car while the adopter watches on from a 2m distance.
  • Where fosters are transporting the dog to the adopter the same principles apply, the foster may secure the dog and then step away allowing the adopter to collect the dog and take them inside.
  • Again it is possible for the foster to step out of the car, and the adopter can then remove the dog from the car and into the home.
  • We advise that all trips are complete by one party and that there are no handovers or meeting points.
  • Where this is impossible, please consult with the PPTF Transport team to discuss whether alternative arrangements can be made.
  • Dogs must be secured one a lead at all times, while they are in the car they must either be within a crate or secured via a pet seatbelt.
  • Adopters and fosters must wear gloves when transporting dogs, if possible a mask should also be worn throughout the transport.