This document relates to dogs being delivered direct from Romania ONLY, if you are collecting or welcoming a UK based dog, please see our UK Transport Procedures using button below

During the global pandemic surrounding COVID-19 Pawprints to Freedom made the decision to halt all transport of dogs from Romania to the UK via our trusted transporters. After extensive discussions with our partners, as well as correspondence with the relevant governing bodies regarding the importation of live animals into the UK we have set out the following guidelines.

These guidelines set out a plan to re-start the transportation of animals from Romania to the UK safely and as adopters and fosters we require your full support in order to make this possible.

Drop off procedure

  • All adopters/fosters must confirm they have a slip lead, crate and blanket;
  • Adopters and fosters are MUST wear gloves and masks when organising themselves for the arrival of their dog(s), our drivers will be wearing the appropriate PPE as well;
  • When you are informed by the transport team of your drop off time slot please arrange to have the crate positioned at the entrance of your home, just outside your home or in your garden;
  • Place your slip lead & blanket on top of the crate;
  • Once the van arrives please take an appropriate step back, allowing at least the recommended 2-meter social distancing space;
  • Drivers will collect the slip lead and enter the van where they will place the slip lead on your dog and carry them out to the crate;
  • Our drivers will then place the dog inside the crate and secure them, covering the crate with a blanket, leaving documentation on top of the crate before stepping back to the appropriate distance;
  • Adopters and fosters are then to check the paperwork and confirm it is correct with the drivers;
  • Once this is confirmed, you are asked to move your dog inside. Depending on your dog, this may mean carrying the crate inside or using the lead to take the dog inside;
  • Drivers will watch to ensure the dog is securely inside the house before driving away;
  • Adopters and Fosters are then should send a photo to the transport team to confirm the safe delivery;
  • of the dog into the house, which can be shared with the transporter;
  • Adopters must ensure that their dog is not ‘off lead’ during the current COVID-19 pandemic due to;
  • restrictions currently in place, if the dog were lost search parties would not be allowed to take place;