Thank you to Cat for sharing Cali’s story with us:

I was looking and researching different rescues and adoption charities and when I found Pawprints to Freedom, and read into how the animals were all saved from shelters across Romania and I saw all the beautiful animals that needed help and homes, I instantly knew I wanted to adopt from there. The sheer volume of animals that Pawprints help is just so incredible and I’m so grateful to them!

Our arrival day was a little more unusual than the regular arrivals. We had to have our girl quarantined for 8 days in Dover as DEFRA were doing extra checks on the dogs. This meant when it came to the day she arrived my partner and I were just beyond excited and the anticipation was huge! We collected Cali from a drop off point an hour away and she sat calmly on my partner’s lap while I drove us home to London. She was good as gold throughout the journey, and when we arrived home, she bounded into our flat; so excited and interested in every corner. 

She settled in straight away… it was like she’d always been there, it was quite surreal that she was now actually here! It was a very emotional day for us all and I could tell Cali knew she was home and safe!

Cali is a very early riser as she’s a puppy so getting a routine which ensured she got enough sleep was important to us. We started a good routine from day one; making sure she got enough playtime in the day and walks so she was tired and could sleep at night.

Also, she can get quite excited and start nipping my ankles or my partner’s, but we are training her to play with a toy instead whenever she starts this. I would say watch as many training videos as you can and stick to using the techniques as they do really help!

Pawprints to Freedom were there for me every step of the way and any questions I had were always answered. My admin Laura has been amazing and so encouraging and helpful. When we had the delay to get our dog due to the quarantine, all the PPTF staff did everything in their power to answer our questions and get her to us as soon as possible, which we are hugely grateful for.

I would say, be very mindful of the age of dog you are looking for as this can bring different challenges. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you feel necessary, the staff are there to help and answer any questions or worries you may have.

Adopting Cali has been the best thing I’ve ever done and she has made my life so much sweeter and fulfilled. I can’t imagine her not being with us now and it’s only been 2 months that we’ve had her with us. She is the sweetest soul and we adore her! 


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