Age:2 years old
Location:UK Hampshire

Briana – known as Brie is a cheeky but beautiful girl who loves to explore and loves to sniff everywhere! Brie also enjoys digging and likes to bury her bones in the garden. Brie is a brilliant companion and currently loves sitting with her current owner whilst she works.

Once Brie trusts you, she is the most loving girl and enjoys cuddles, strokes and loves her ears being rubbed! Brie is a very clever dog and can sit, paw and get toys for you to play when asked. Brie is playful and enjoys playing piggy in the middle where she can jump very high!!

Loud noises such as fireworks make Brie very anxious, and she can cower when scared. For comfort, she will seek out being close to people she trusts especially when scared.

Brie currently shares her home with children. Brie may possibly live with dog savvy children in her new home, aged 10 years + who are understanding and respectful of her boundaries.

Due to guarding and reactive behaviours, Brie is looking for a pet free home.

Brie currently wears a collar, harness and lead with no issues. Brie prefers walking in quiet locations as main roads make her incredibly anxious! Brie walks very well in quiet areas and enclosed fields. Brie will need an active home who can help build her confidence and continue with her training regarding reactivity.

Brie is very anxious of strangers and/or visitors especially men. Brie has been reactive, and the fear can sometimes cause her to urinate, however this has gotten better with training and reassurance. This will require continual training and boundaries.

Fostering a rescue dog is not something to take on lightly, they need full commitment and a lot of work and patience to allow them to blossom. There may be many challenges to overcome so please ensure full commitment before applying.

Brie is toilet trained and barks at the door when she needs to go. Brie does not use a crate as she was very fearful towards it. Brie generally sleeps well overnight. Brie can be left for up to 4-5 hours with no issues. Brie was destructive when she was a puppy, however, her current home has no issues with destructive behaviour now, apart from destroying her own toys and fluffy beds sometimes. Please note this may change when in a new home.

Brie can travel in a car however does show anxiety behaviours. Brie currently can last up to 40 minutes. Brie’s current home are working on this and are increasing the length very gradually.

⭐️ All applicants must pass a home check ⭐️

If you’d like to help me, please make a note of my code, shown below my photo and send an email to with a short note about you, your family and why you think you’d be a good match – if you are approved, you will be sent a link to apply and we will book in your homecheck.

We would prefer applicants within a 2 hour journey, although we may be able to consider applicants up to 3 hours away

✅ Neutered

✅ Vaccinated (read more about vaccinations here)

✅ Microchipped

Lifetime rescue backup provided.


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