“This is Bibi.

She’s just over 18 months old now, and we’ve had her since she was around 5 months old.

We got her on Feb 15th, 2020 – a month before the first lockdown! Not the best timing, but, I’ve been able to spend much more time with her than usual… so in that way, I’m pretty grateful!

I saw her on Facebook in January 2020, and immediately fell in love with her.

She was a big ball of fluff, and her eyes were just so beautiful. She had been found on the streets with her three sisters.

I knew we had to have her there and then, so much so that I reserved her before I told my other half 😂 (he had voiced his approval beforehand, don’t worry!)

We had been looking for a rescue dog in the UK but wasn’t ever successful for one reason or another. Now I know why.

This girl was meant for me. It’s really that simple.

The morning she arrived, she bonded with us straight away, as if she could tell she was going to be happy here.

She slept most of the first day here, but settled in so well that it was unnerving!

No cowering corners, or refusing to go in/out (aside from being unsure of doors!), she cottoned on to toilet training etc super quick, we were blessed. 

Her ‘teenage’ phase was much trickier, as it is for all dogs, we had our battles, but came out the other side stronger than ever.

I see her improve and evolve every day, she is so full of character, always making us smile and laugh out loud with her quirks.

She is the reason why I wanted to volunteer for Pawprints- knowing that they save countless lives, giving dogs a better future, and for bringing Beebs into my life, I am forever grateful.”


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