Thank you to Suzanne for sharing Beba’s story with us

A rough start…

Beba was a street dog in Macedonia. She lived in a pack with 5 other dogs and took shelter in the communal entrance of some flats or in the basement of a factory.

The local people loved these dogs and looked out for them. They provided them with food and belly rubs and paid to have them spayed/neutered along with any other vet treatment they needed.

Sadly, people started poisoning street dogs and two members of the pack died from this. The rest were close to being poisoned too.

The remaining 4 dogs were rescued with the help of Pawprints to Freedom and thanks to Linda Melbourne and Irina Da. Mila (pack leader) and Tomas are in foster with Linda through her own rescue and Foky was adopted by the factory owner.

Beba before moving to the UK

Moving to the UK…

Beba came to the UK in May 2019, she spent months in foster care and was nearly adopted once but it fell through. The time for her to move on came and I was asked to foster her.

Initially, I said no… We only intended on fostering small dogs, we live in a small flat with a small open garden.

A few days had passed and I couldn’t get Beba out of my head. I felt awful turning her down and, felt I’d let Pawprints down too. So, I smiled sweetly at my husband and begged him to share my thoughts… It didn’t take too much convincing!

The very best wedding gift

My husband and I got married in September and collected Beba on the way home from our honeymoon.

Beba was rude, hated walks and refused treats

Settling in…

This was far from easy. Beba was rude, hated walks, refused treats (making training very difficult). She growled at people and constantly lunged at our cats. We were worried, our tiny flat wasn’t accommodating this big difficult dog.

It got so bad, I’d have to take her to work with me to give the cats a break… Not ideal since she appeared to be aggressive to anyone who seemed unsure of her. To top it off, no one wanted to adopt her! Constantly overlooked, not one application came through for Beba.

Not a single application came in for Beba


We worked hard, really hard. Every spare second I had I spent working with Beba and it paid off! Within just a few short weeks, we had completely turned this dog around. No more growling, no more lunging (now cuddles up with the cats and kisses her favourite one when he comes home), delighted by treats (and will now do anything for a biscuit), and my favourite part… She LOVES walks!

Beba has turned out to be such a fantastic dog, it was breaking our hearts to see how unwanted she was, so we made the decision to adopt her ourselves ❤️

Beba is loving and loyal, she has fitted in to our family perfectly 🥰

Now Beba loves her walks


Lesley · 01/06/2020 at 8:49 am

What a wonderful story and will be so inspiring for anyone going through difficult times settling in their new baby. Lovely to read these happy stories and of dedicated people like Beba’s new Mum and Dad. Wishing you all every happiness for the future.

gordon wilkinson · 01/06/2020 at 9:38 am


Emma Keenan · 03/06/2020 at 8:30 am

What a truly wonderful heartwarming success story.. People don’t know it takes weeks, months even years for these dogs to realise they are truly loved. Beba is certainly a lucky lady and you are an angel for not giving up on her.. Thank you for sharing her story 😊

M M Bramley · 03/06/2020 at 12:06 pm

What a lovely story, she is beautiful 😍 🐾🐕

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