Age:3 months old


🐾Please remember Bear is still in Romania. Please take this into consideration when looking to adopt via PPTF. He will need time to decompress when he first enters the new home environment and may even have bad manners, so please bare this in mind. He will need patience with house and lead training.

Adopting or fostering a dog from shelter isn’t something to take on lightly, they need full commitment and a lot work and patience to allow them to blossom.

Bear was rescued from the another shelter and is currently living in Mangalia.

Bear has been raised in the shelter with his mum and siblings, so is used to other animals. He is a typical lovely friendly happy pup who enjoys a fuss and allows his current carers to stroke him. He loves being surrounded by people and other animals. Please take into consideration, he may not be this way when he arrives to his new home as he will need time to adjust to his new environment.
Bear will of course have all the usual puppy behaviours so will need patience and training and due to his age he has not been neutered so his adoptive family will need to get this done when he is old enough.

He currently lives alongside dogs and is very good with them. He may be able to share his home with another dog, but please remember he will need time and patience to settle and any introductions must be slow, sensible and supervised.

Bear has not been cat tested.

Bear is not child tested.

❗Please note, if a dog is not child tested, they will not be placed in a home with children under 12❗

Bear has worn a harness, so you will need to continue his lead training and until he is happy to be double leaded he must be an indoor dog only.

Bear has no known health conditions.

Have you got space in your home and heart for this adorable boy?

We strongly advise slow, sensible and supervised introductions with pets, other family members and visitors initially.

⭐️ All applicants must pass a home check ⭐️

If you’d like to help me, please make a note of my code, shown below my photo and be sure to pass it on to the team member who takes your enquiry.

❌ Neutered

✅ Vaccinated (read more about vaccinations here)

✅ Microchipped


Jody fry · 25/11/2020 at 10:43 pm

Pptfgm387a is Bear. I would be very interested in bear please. I have just sent my form in

    Armelle · 26/11/2020 at 2:52 pm

    Hi Jody
    Many thanks for your interest in Bear.
    An admin will be in touch shortly with more details.

    Many thanks,
    Pawprints to Freedom Web Team

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