Pawprints to Freedom Ltd is a non-profit dog rescue with a difference.

We believe compassion has no borders and we try to help every dog in need that we can, regardless of the why!

We have a growing number of dog shelters, along with a number of rescuers and Romanian public shelters we also work with. We also have many dogs in foster homes in the UK and Romania. Whilst we want to make sure every dog that can find a home does, we also want to help prevent the huge stray dog problem in Romania. To help with this, we run spay campaigns throughout Romania. We think it is important to raise welfare standards so we work with our partners and directly donate food, veterinary care and support to existing dog shelters in Romania, as well as running our own and trying to lead by example.

You’ll find our team hanging out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, ready to respond to your enquiry. You’ll find our Facebook group below.

Don’t want to talk via social media? No problem. We have a team that take phone and/or email enquiries if you’d prefer. Just let us know on your application how you would like us to get in touch.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to match dogs to suitable adopters and we look at everyone’s individual circumstances. We provide lifetime rescue back up if ever needed. Once a Pawprints, always a Pawprints dog!

Our compassion has no borders.