Fostering is a wonderful experience but a challenging one. Many of the dogs have never been in a house before and can take some time to settle. In our experience though, the more work you put in with a foster, the more rewarding the experience is.

If you’re interested in fostering with us, the first step is to fill in our application form. A member of the team will be in touch with you shortly after to guide you through the process.

Once your application is in, we will do a home check to help us to match you to the right dog. Some dogs have additional needs and can only be homed in certain environments. Your admin will explain all this to you and be with you every step of the way.

NOTE: Not all dogs can be fostered – ask your admin to find out how to identify which are!

There is no charge to foster a dog, you reserve them and we pay all costs for preparation and travel, however, you do have some obligations.

Fosterer Obligations

  • Provide the dog with a bed, bowls, food, collar, lead, harness etc
  • Take lots of pictures and update us regularly about all the things you learn about your dog, to help us find a forever home
  • Ensure the dog is given flea and worm treatment when required
  • Keep the dog clean and groomed
  • Keep the dog secure on a lead or long line at all times (unless in a secure field)
  • Let us know any concerns you have about the dog’s health, temperament or wellbeing
  • Ensure sensible introductions with resident pets and children
  • Ask anyone who enquires to apply through us – you must not arrange a private adoption
  • Check-in weekly with your admin
  • Keep the dog at the address on your application and let us know if you plan to move or have another change of circumstances
  • Do not foster or adopt dogs from other rescues without prior notice and consent
  • Do not attend the vets, unless it is an emergency, without consent from Pawprints to Freedom Ltd – we cannot retrospectively authorise vet fees, you must always seek authorisation first, unless the dog needs urgent care.
  • To ensure dogs arriving direct from Romania do not leave the house at all (even for walks) for 48hrs – this is a legal requirement

Our Obligations

  • To cover all vet bills, where the visit was an emergency, or pre-authorised
  • To advertise the dog to potential adopters
  • To ensure all information given about the dog is accurate and true
  • To find an adopter within a reasonable radius
  • To support the foster carer with any questions they have and give behavioural advice where needed
  • To provide emergency care for the dog in unanticipated situations
  • To keep the foster carer informed regarding any interest, reservations and adoptions
  • To keep the fosters details safe, secure and confidential
  • To only share pictures with the fosters consent

Who can foster?

Almost anyone can foster! Our prerequisites are below:

  • You must be over the age of 18
  • Someone in the household must be fit, willing and able to give the dog adequate exercise
  • There must not be any dogs that are covered by the Dangerous Dogs Act in the house
  • There must not be foster dogs from another rescue in the house
  • We cannot place dogs in households where dogs are being privately sold
  • You must have landlord permission to foster dogs
  • You must not have been prosecuted for any animal cruelty or neglect