We CANNOT wait to get your dog home to you!

We couldn’t be more excited that we have been able to overturn the decision regarding the movement of dogs with control measures in place to protect everyone. We have all been worried sick about our dogs, our rescuers and our funds to keep going through this unusual situation.

Our AMAZING Transport Team are working double time – alongside their own jobs, childcare, dog walking and other life commitments to make sure that we get as many dogs over as soon as possible. They’ve just finished finalising the first run and they’re about to start on the second run. This sounds easy, just book a seat for a dog and pass on the date, right?

If only!

The team have to prioritise the below:

  • dogs that are struggling to cope in the shelters;
  • dogs that are too small for the kennel area they’re currently kept in;
  • dogs that are high risk for euthanasia;
  • dogs who are in fosters which we are paying higher rates for.

The dogs also have to fit into the physical crates on the van meaning only have so many dogs of certain sizes can travel – more can travel if dogs can cohabit (2 small dogs in one large crate) on the journey but many can’t.

The team pick out the urgent dogs as above, which sometimes means a dog reserved yesterday must travel sooner than one reserved a month ago to save a life – and it is lives we deal in when we make these decisions. Then we are responsible for planning the route, this can be for up to 8 vans in one week! Each van will take anywhere between 15 and 60 dogs. To add to the complexity, we don’t run or own the transport so there are other rescues booking spaces too and some drops are not even in the UK, so things change quickly. If a dog doesn’t fit on the route (ie, takes the drivers a long way out of their way) they have to be switched out.

Once the first run is finalised, the team will start booking for the second before they have caught their breaths. The process involves around 20 people who all need to communicate throughout, it is hard to keep on top of at the best of times, but with 350 dogs waiting to travel, it is harder than ever.

We know you’ve been patient for so long and we’re so grateful, please be patient with our team a little longer and not only do we promise we will let you know as soon as we have a date for you, but we also promise it will be so worth it. We normally are able to give a little more warning than where we are now, so please be poised and ready for a short notice change, your dog may be closer than you think!

Thanks all

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Katharine Redfern · 01/05/2020 at 9:53 am

Thank you so much to you and all the volunteers helping these poor little souls in ever-demanding circumstances. We cannot wait to meet our new arrival and fully understand the need to be patient. Safe travel to those on the happy bus and make the most of your new life. x

Blanche · 04/05/2020 at 12:53 pm

Thank you! Just do what you need to do, and know we totally trust that whatever you do is always for the best of the dogs and is very much appreciated! Awaiting Alma’s arrival with excitement, but with no stress put on you guys…we’ll just be so grateful to get her when we do x

Alyssa Catterall · 04/05/2020 at 2:29 pm

Thank you for your update and to all the volunteers working so hard for these doggies. We cannot wait to meet little Romeo, Lisa and Georgiana (Romeo’s rescue) have been amazing so far x You are all amazing!!

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