Welcome to Pawprints To Freedom! We are a non-profit, volunteer run rescue for dogs across the UK and internationally. We work with a number of other rescues across the world to help those animals that are most in need to find their forever home.


Pawprints to Freedom is a non-profit rescue for dogs who are in need of a loving home. We cover the whole of the UK. Our aim is to help as many rescue dogs as possible in the UK, as well as smaller rescues overseas.

Our adoption fee in the UK is £285! However, the adoption fee is £320 to adopt from Scotland as the transport costs are much higher.

The adoption fee covers everything your new dog will need to enjoy a new life in the UK; all vaccinations up to date, flea and worm treatment, microchipping, Neutering (from ages 9 months to 8 years) a passport and transport.

If you see a dog that you would like to adopt then please comment on the post and a member of the team will message you to discuss the process.

We do a home check to make sure the new home is safe and secure for our dogs. Some dogs may require a certain type of home as well, which will be stated on the post and we will give you more information upon request. Without a home-check being done we wouldn’t be able to allow you to adopt or foster from us.

We also look for foster homes for the dogs. To foster there’s no charge but we ask that you provide the dog with everything they would need as if he/she was your own. We do cover vet bills – If the dog needs a vet visit please contact us first so we can arrange the costs to be covered, however in an emergency situation, please get the dog treated asap and contact us when you’re there! Any more information on fostering is available upon request.

We do take into account individual circumstances, i.e we do home dogs to families with children and to people who may live in a flat, etc. We work hard to match a dog to your home and your family.

All dogs adopted or fostered from us must remain on your property, and not be walked, for 48 hours.

You must be over the age of 18 to adopt or foster.